Day two: Favourite male companion:

Thane - I absolutely love him. He’s a marvelous character and amazing person.. and his voice…OMG his voice..

Absolutely ME2.. All my so far favorite characters appear it the second game. And the story, I got very attached to this game :) simply perfect

Day One: Which Mass Effect is your favorite?

Day two: Favourite male companion

Day Three: Favourite female companion

Day Four: Favourite storyline mission

Day Five: Favourite loyalty mission

Day Six: Favourite side quest

Day Seven: Favourite alien species.

Day Eight: Probing planets, or Mako style?

Day Nine: Best piece of DLC.Day Ten: Favourite Weapon(s)

Day Eleven: Favourite antagonist.

Day Twelve: Favourite human character (Other than Shepard)

Day Thirteen: Favourite Turian.

Day Fourteen: Favourite Asari.

Day Fifteen: Favourite Salarian.

Day Sixteen: Favourite Krogan.

Day Seventeen: Favourite Quarian.

Day Eighteen: Things you’d change about the series.

Day Nineteen: Your perfect ending to the series.

Day Twenty: MaleShep or FemShep? Why?

Day Twenty One: Favourite piece of music.

Day Twenty Two: Favourite book.

Day Twenty Three: If one of the companions got a spin-off game. Which would you like it to be?

Day Twenty Four: Favourite Class (soldier, vanguard, etc.)

Day Twenty Five: Favorite boss fight!

Day Twenty Six: Least Favourite Companion.

Day Twenty Seven: Opinions on the Genophage.

Day Twenty Eight: Opinions on the Reapers.

Day Twenty Nine: What made you first want to play Mass Effect?

Day Thirty: What do you love most about Mass Effect?



Ben on the name of the new record.

Still wish it was called 4 lol

OMFG, just typed Rachelle Turner (Ben Kowalewicz  wife) and this is what came out hahaha Can’t stop laughing!

OMFG, just typed Rachelle Turner (Ben Kowalewicz  wife) and this is what came out hahaha 
Can’t stop laughing!


“Billy Talent sucks.”
“They aren’t even a good band.”

“The members aren’t even good-looking.”
“Why do you like that band so much? They suck.”



Adorable :3

His eyebrows! Too much sexy

i dont understand this dude omfg
  • Ben: (sweet voice) Hi. It is Ben from the rock band..
  • Ben: //gets close to camera

much love 

Ben Kowalewicz: Billy Talent